Maternity Photoshoot Outdoor – Tampa Bay FL

Maternity Photoshoot Outdoor

Maternity Photoshoot Outdoor – Tampa Photographer

When your best gal pals say let’s do a fun creative maternity shoot outdoor… you run and don’t walk. The three of us each decided on an element we wanted to incorporate into the shoot, and together what you see is what we came up with.

Once these ideas came together is was very obvious we wanted to go for a mother nature theme to showcase the beauty of pregnancy.

Transitioning into motherhood is such a beautiful, natural, raw, and sometimes messy experience. The words strong, empowered, and resilient are just a few that I would use to describe someone when I think about a becoming a mother.

This woman that modeled for us was everything and more. She showcased such a strong representation of how I hope every single woman feels in their skin during such a sacred time. Honoring your body in every way and accepting the changes does not always come easy. However, my goodness mama, it should because YOU are a goddess and deserve to love yourself.

I want to capture what I see in you and show you just how radiant you are. Dare I even say how sexy you are with this body that is being formed as a vessel for the life you are creating!!!

Maternity photoshoots are some of the most treasured memories we ca have. It is proof that we women are capable of amazing things.

Let’s get real and raw and intimate – document this season of your life because it all goes by so quickly!

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