6 Month Photoshoot Ideas

6 month photoshoot ideas


6 Month Photoshoot Ideas

When my clients called me to get some 6 month photoshoot ideas, I was elated to work with them again. Becoming a family’s go to photographer is the ultimate compliment.

From this family’s wedding 10 years ago, maternity portraits, their children’s baptisms, and most recently this gorgeous 6 month milestone of their son. It has been such an honor being there for all the big moments in this family’s life.

There is a special joy in capturing all the beautiful and momentous events in a family growing from two to three and beyond. There is nothing in life more precious than family.

Sweet baby Noah had just turned 6 months old before this session. Of course we had to include sister Savannah with him. I mean how adorable are those sweet sibling cuddles? Mom wasn’t sure if we would be able to capture those classic sitter photos but boy did Noah decide otherwise.

At this session, he sat upright for the longest he ever sat up unassisted. It was so special to be there to capture that! Moments like this validate how important it is to invest in capturing all the various stages in life. The beauty of life moves by us so quickly, especially when we are caught in the day to day business of life.

There is never going to be a “perfect” time and I promise you will not regret just getting the photos done.

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