First Birthday Photoshoot

one year old wearing a tulle strawberry dress sitting in a field at sunset with balloons in the background

First Birthday Milestone Photoshoot – Riverview, Florida

When I stumbled upon this tulle strawberry dress I knew I needed to throw my daughter a Berry Cute One themed birthday. Of course, what photographer mom’s job is complete if you don’t also do a matching first birthday photoshoot? Insert after party decor balloon arch leftovers and this is what we got!

Party planning is something I love yet don’t always have all the extra time to devote all my crazy ideas to. So, I kept things short and sweet but obviously what party is complete without balloons. The night before the celebration I had me and my assembly team tackle a balloon arch. Surprisingly, it went much faster than previous balloon arch attempts. 

When I took the arch down. I thought it would be a shame to not get another use out of them. So I decided to include them in the photos I planned on taking. However, that didn’t exactly work out how I pictured. First, getting the massive balloon arch into the car was quite the challenge. Once getting to the location, my husband helped drag out the balloon but the wind was against us. Oh, let’s not forget to mention that balloons on dry grass exactly don’t mix. 

Needless to say, with all the obstacles that were against this plan I had to work fast. My daughter was such an amazing sport and wasn’t even phased by all the popping balloons. It’s as if she knew this was a photoshoot in celebration of her birthday. With my husband assisting on balloons, we took some shots and then decided to take some without.

This particular night has the most amazing vibrant sunset. The best part? We drove less than a mile away to this spot in our neighborhood. I am a firm believer in finding the beauty in what may be considered an unconventional location. 

Let’s work together to create precious memories for your one year old’s milestone!

Dress: Cora & Violet

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