Beach Family Photoshoot – St. Petersburg FL

Beach Family Photoshoot

Beach Family Photoshoot in Clearwater Florida

One of the best parts of being a photographer is doing a beach family photoshoot and capturing the personalities of little ones. Sometimes it can be difficult when there is an unfamiliar person photographing you.

I always encourage families to just be themselves and let those personalities shine. That might not always mean a big huge smile and looking into the camera. My approach to photography is that I WANT your children to be as they are in their current stage.

That is what I want to deliver to you, to pass onto your children one day to talk about. To elicit those memories of when they were going through a certain stage and what they were like. Its not about looking picture perfect but rather something raw and authentic.

This beautiful family was all about embracing that. They had fun and gave wet willies. I am sure if I asked they would have told me that was something they joke and play around doing. I had such a blast photographing this extended family session.

This was one of the families in the group that had young children. The smallest one was not about it at all but we went along and had fun anyway and let him warm up to the experience. In the end you could see what a blast he was having splashing in the water and skipping rocks with his family. This is why I do what I do right here!

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